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We have a variety of services offerings for IT companies that want to accelerate the development of the professional services side of their business:

Business Planning and Strategy

Providing support to assist your board in converting your strategy of increasing the professional services side of the business into achievable plans. 

New Product Development

Assisting in the development and marketing of new service products that will be of interest to your existing and growing customer base. 

Customer Acquisition

Changing the sales focus from selling products to selling solutions – combinations of both products and professional services.

Customer Development

Cross Selling and up selling professional services into your existing customer base.

Customer Retention

Assisting you to ensure that not only do you attract new customers but you are able to retain and develop them through achieving customer satisfaction.

Business Process Development

Assisting you in evolving your processes to become scalable for growth and to  remove inefficiencies.

Leadership Development

A range of services to support you with the growing pains of rapid expansion including attracting, retaining, and developing leadership talent.

The following pages give you more information on each of these offerings.

For more information you can email us at: info@talent4business.com. You can also reach us at 01189 735982. We are looking forward to hearing from you.