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What are Packaged Solutions from TALENT4BUSINESS?

Our Packaged Solutions are professional development services  that encompass a wide range of activities and processes designed to enable people to develop their skills and knowledge to the benefit of both themselves and the organisation. The solutions are provided by a team of experienced Professional Development Managers (PDMs) and are available as stand-alone packages or may be combined with one or more services according to requirements.

How can my business benefit?

  • TALENT4BUSINESS Packaged Solutions enable businesses and line managers to provide the level of people development support that employees have come to expect of 'blue-chip' organisations.
  • The services are easily customised to meet specific group needs and can be combined to form an effective people development strategy.
  • Professional Development Services help ensure that development is focused on what the business needs, in terms of skills, knowledge and experience, to achieve its goals .
  • Line managers' expertise and skill levels in developing people can vary significantly but, with the help of Professional Development Services, organisations can rest assured that employees are receiving expert developmental support provided by experienced professionals.
  • Professional Development Services ensure that individual career aspirations and goals are being met, which increases motivation, productivity and aids retention, especially of key performers.
  • The organisation is able to demonstrate commitment to people development in compliance with IIP standards.

What packaged solutions are available from TALENT4BUSINESS?

The list below gives examples of the packaged solutions that we offer our customers along with short descriptions. For more information on any of these services please contact us via email at info@talent4business.com. We will be very happy to provide the information you require.

Development planning

  • Working with individuals to identify skills, special talents, career aspirations and areas for development.
  • Identifying appropriate solutions and agreeing development plan.

One-to-one employee support

  • Supporting individuals through change.Providing impartial and confidential career- and job-related support, advice and guidance to individuals.

360-degree feedback processes

  • Designing and managing the processes for obtaining feedback for individuals and groups/teams on behaviours and performance.
  • Giving feedback to individuals on their behaviours, as perceived by fellow colleagues, in a one-to-one session.

Career Management

  • Helping individuals identify their career aspirations and goals; dealing with career- and job-related issues.


  • Providing one-to-one specialised tuition and training in specific skills or area of knowledge.


  • Helping someone with their personal, professional or career development by creating a safe arena in which a trusting relationship can develop in order to maximise the individual's internal resources.

Mentoring frameworks/programmes

  • Designing and managing a mentoring framework and programme ensuring that mentors are trained in the skills of mentoring and matched appropriately with mentees.
  • Monitoring the quality and effectiveness of the mentoring partnerships.

Role descriptions

  • Formulating role descriptions based on interviews with managers and incumbents, to an agreed consistent format.

Development processes/framework

  • Designing and implementing a structured approach to development that will enable people to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for the achievement of business goals. Also designing career/role transition processes that maximise the investment.

Personality profiling

  • Using tried and tested personality profiling questionnaires to raise self-awareness and help individuals understand their motivations,preferences and behaviours.
  • Meeting with individuals to feed back the profile results and discuss implications.

Competency profiling

  • Using behavioural event and focused interviewing techniques to determine an individual's competencies ie, their skills.

Induction programmes

  • Designing and managing tailored programmes that will provide new starters with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to enable them to work independently and effectively in the shortest possible timeframe.

Team development

  • Working with teams to maximise effective teamworking and partnering activity.
  • Identifying sources of conflict or poor teamworking and working to resolve the situation.

Professional certification/accreditation

  • Designing and implementing processes for obtaining professional certifications and accreditations.

Professional development review

  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of group training and development needs by identifying areas for individual, team and organisational performance improvement.

For more information you can email us at: info@talent4business.com. You can also reach us at 01189 735982. We are looking forward to hearing from you.