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What is a PDM?

A Professional Development Manager is responsible for providing the necessary support and processes that will enable individuals and groups to develop their skills and careers in line with business needs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Providing one-to-one job-related support and advice to individuals
  • Identifying development needs and appropriate solutions
  • Sourcing training programmes and other development solutions
  • Managing feedback processes
  • Facilitating career and role transitions
  • Formulating individual and group training/development plans
  • Reviewing and monitoring individual development plans and activities
  • Providing support and advice to line managers on people development issues
  • Raising individuals' self-awareness through the use of personality profiling
  • Assisting in development-related activity
  • Designing appropriate development solutions including training programmes
  • Facilitating team development activities

What makes a PDM service so successful?

Unlike most development professionals, PDMs work in amongst the various groups as integral members of those teams and not in a function removed from the day-to-day business activities. He or she is therefore ideally placed to understand the people issues and development needs of the individuals. This also enables the PDM to develop close working relationships with the individuals within the teams to which he or she is assigned.

What size of team would be suited to PDM support?

We have found that any size of team can benefit from the support of a PDM or from a professional development packaged solution. The range of support can be fully tailored to the line manager's particular requirements for his/her team.

Does it work? Yes. Here are some customer quotes:

"The presence of active PDMs reinforces a culture of continual professional development. This culture is imperative and has a very strong link to business results in professional services and any other business where your people truly are your greatest (or only) asset." (Line Manager)

"He is extremely valuable – gives constructive fair feedback that helps you develop yourself quickly and effectively." (Employee)

"It acknowledges that the typical manager is not 'expert' in all areas." (Line Manager)

"She has a knack of getting to the bottom of situations. She asks probing questions before making recommendations and in my dealings with her she has clearly spent time thinking through my development issues. This makes me trust her and value her solutions to any issues I might have." (Employee)

For more information you can email us at: info@talent4business.com. You can also reach us at 01189 735982. We are looking forward to hearing from you.