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If you are struggling with the answers to these questions then those around you, including potential customers, probably are too!

We believe that everyone has a "Flame", a unique central strength and purpose. When you are operating in your flame, everything goes well.

We are proud to work in association with The Flame Institute, who have trained our Core Process Practitioners to help more people to discover and operate in their flame.

How we help you find your Flame

We all have times in our lives when we feel happy, productive, alive and fulfilled. Most people would like to have more of these times. We believe that everybody has a positive core that is unique. There is only one of the "YOU" that is reading this. You have a unique strength, gift, purpose and passion - your Core Process. When you are using this fully, everything goes wonderfully well, so one way to happiness and fulfilment is to discover what your Core Process is.

The Core Process is a pair of words that capture the essence of you at your best. They are all interesting and unique to the individual. 

In our experience, knowing your Core Process enables you to know how you best add value to others. It enables you to focus your work and life in line with your "Flame" - bringing out the best in you.

"For me, finding out my Core Process enabled me to really understand the value I add to others. It felt as though I was making sense of my working life for the first time! I could understand why I had enjoyed some experiences so much, and yet not felt at all comfortable at other times. More importantly, it has helped me focus my services around what I do best, thus maximising the value I add to my customers. As a trained Practitioner I am now able to help others discover their own Core Process. "

Christine Clacey, Core Process Practitioner

Don't just take our word for it - here is what others have had to say, after working with us to discover their core process:

"I have just had the great experience of having my core process done by Christine. It was amazing and something that i would recommend that you all look at. Christine has a great way of extracting the information in a caring and supportive way, and then making sure that she guides you through this porcess. The end result was certainly worth while, as i really discovered the 2 words that really sum Mark Shaw up. I can now go away, ponder on the 2 words, and start to build a platform to work with these words. "

Mark Shaw Nov 2006

"Prepare yourself, and I mean, really, mentally prepare yourself, for an incredible, positive and emotionally fuelled and Fascinating experience at the hands of a genuine, sincere and amazing core process facilitator. After just 90 minutes in Christine's company, I had shared my inner most secrets, and desires, been taught to recognise some profound fundamental "sign posts" in my life, that left me sat there motionless, speechless, eyes filled, with a single tear running down my left cheek. Christine Clacey's own core process is "awakening souls" - you better believe it, she awakened me to something so profound, so serious, so positive, it has changed my life forever, and after 2 days of no sleep, I feel so alive, so full of energy, and so grateful for the journey she has helped me recognise that I am on. ABSOLUTELY BLOODY AWESOME ! 10/10. Seriously."

Fraser Hay, June 2006

"What a wonderful experience the "Core Process" is! Thank you Christine. You have a wonderful way of drawing out key information. I feel clearer now with my life purpose than I have ever done."

Amanda "Audacious" Goldston, May 2006

"I am absolutely thrilled with my Core Process words. Connecting Hearts make sense of my life so far, since a little girl through to the development of Ecademy. I find knowing this provides focus and clarity and is a wonderful gift of self knowledge. Thank you Christine for this part of my journey."

Penny Power, Connecting Hearts - Founder Ecademy - Dec 2005

To discover your own Core Process, please email us at info@talent4business.com or call us on 01189 735982.