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TALENT4BUSINESS clients tell us that the real business benefits they have experienced include:

  • Increased staff motivation
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced staff attrition
  • Leading-edge skills maintained
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved utilisation
  • Enhanced communication
  • Business strategy transformed into a living organisation

We pride ourselves on delighting our customers. Here's what some of them have to say of their experience of working with us:

"Why I so warmly recommend Christine to be your coach. She is:

  • Open and welcoming and flexible to change
  • Authentic being who she is: a unique individual and coach with great strengths
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about what she does
  • Compassionate, kind and gentle and challenging when needed
  • Disciplined in a way so she sees what needs to be done to get the outcome and results the client desires
  • Very optimistic having a strong belief in the client that things will work out as they should
  • Joyful and encouraging
  • Dealing and playing with what comes without expectations
  • Able to see to the centre of your core and facilitate inner clarity"

Lise Dan, Business Owner, Balanced Life - a Coaching and Stress Management company, now an associate of TALENT4BUSINESS LTD. Website: www.lisedan.com

" I have really enjoyed our coaching sessions.  You were totally
client-centred and flexible and, from the very beginning, inspired my

Your approach was always professional and focussed, and you elicited
solutions from me.  As a result of working with you, I feel that I'm on
track and achieving in the four areas that I chose to work on.  Thank
you so much."

Krystyna Leyland - Life and Business Coach, College Lecturer

"Just wanted to let you know that after a few months of deliberating one of the options you mentioned has actually proven to be the one I decided on! 

Just thought I would let you know and once again thank you for giving me options that in the end were in me already!"

Catherine Hughes - starting a new Recruitment business

"Christine is a great Coach and I found our sessions to be extremely useful in order to be aware of and look at a number of possibilities in respect of the issues that we discussed. Her style is extremely business like and she keeps you moving through the issues at a reasonable pace without losing the overall integrity that is necessary with deeply person situations. Christine has the ability to develop great rapport with her Client and to build a relationship of complete trust and confidence – I felt totally relaxed about talking to her about absolutely anything that was necessary to forward my own thinking and development. She was always focussed and clearly worked to my agenda and paid attention specifically to each area of my life in order to ensure that I gained the maximum benefit from each session."

Michael Winslow - NLP Executive Coach

"I have had the pleasure of being coached by Christine, she is fabulous at giving you the space required to really think about what you are doing and to come up with practical steps that really move you forward.  A very supporting and flexible coach.  Many great things have happened for me during the time I've been coached by Christine."

Allison Mitchell, NLP Coach, Author and Founder, Mums and Dads (www.mumsanddads.biz)

"Christine coached me at a time when I thought I was dealing with some fairly superficial problems.  Christine's probing questions, her understanding of when to give me space and ability to observe what was happening,enabled me to unearth the deeper fundamental issues I needed to address in order to move on." 

Danuta Nicole  Executive Coach

Feedback from an associate:

"I met Christine many years ago during a UPW seminar of Anthony Robbins. Christine is a Trainer of Anthony Robbins and she certainly is a great added value to this select group of trainers.
She is a very good listener and she has a big, warm heart that will inspire you the day you will meet her. She is a very genuine person, always ready for others to help them to improve, feel better and make the best of it.
It's a pleasure to know a great person as Christine!!
Thank you Christine for being there!"

Eric Eraly, www.easytoquitmethod.com

Feedback from another client:

"I found Christine a real help working on a variety of issues. She encouraged me to try again when I was ready to give up and helped me to identify strategies for working on difficult matters.  She is very easy to relate to and work with. I noticed a great improvement in the areas of my life that we were dealing with whilst being coached by Christine. I appreciate the support and encouragement I received from her."

Feedback from another client:

"I found your coaching style to be just what I needed -

  • open, non judgemental - this was especially useful when I hadn't managed to  make as much progress as I would have liked
  • active listener - encouraged me to answer questions/ make observations
    fully and asked questions/ made comments accordingly
  • asking pertinent questions - especially the ones around motivation  
  • drawing conclusions - made some very interesting observations around
    some of the things I was doing
  • flexible approach - calls were shorter or longer as appropriate 

Through the coaching, I managed to make progress on things that I'd been meaning to do something about for years, and had never managed it! I'm now trying to apply some of the same principles to other areas I'd like to do something about too."

Feedback from another client:

"Because of your creative questioning style, I was able to reach the
conclusion of my own thoughts very quickly.

Coaching made me far more focused on what I wanted to achieve, and made
me realise that they were in fact achievable!

Talking things through gave me the confidence to pursue ideas I may not
have done before.

The regular sessions motivated me to complete actions before the following meeting."

For more information you can email us at: info@talent4business.com. You can also reach us at 01189 735982. We are looking forward to hearing from you.