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The competition for talented people has never been greater.

The work environment is rapidly changing and competitors are actively trying to attract your most talented employees away from you. More companies than ever are facing a drain on their key talented staff and have tried the traditional methods of keeping people such as promotions and pay increases to no avail. The cost of recruitment is high, but small in comparison with other knock-on effects such as the cost of rebuilding scarce skills, the disruption and loss of momentum, the impact to client relationships, and the impact on the morale of colleagues. 

Finding the root of the problem is essential to turning around the situation and yet often the cause is elusive. Fixing the problem requires more than just individual managers working harder to retain staff. The challenge is being sure you are taking the right actions and not just wasting time and money.

Talent Loss Diagnostic™ Review

The Talent Loss Diagnostic™ Review follows a structured method for analysing your current situation, identifying the root causes and recommending the changes that will deliver you the most effective improvements.

Our comprehensive review checks over 140 different factors that are known to impact talent retention.  We draw upon extensive practical experience of reversing talent loss situations, together with industry best practice.

You will be provided with a detailed report specifying the root causes of your talent retention issues together with recommended actions to not only reduce staff turnover and save cost, but also achieve greater levels of individual performance.

Call us now on (01189) 735982 or email us at info@talent4business.com to discover how the Talent Loss Diagnostic™ review could benefit your organisation.