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Many people invest considerable time in networking and yet do not seem to get the level of business referrals they seek. Others seem to be able to generate referrals very quickly. This workshop will develop a skill that has helped business developers to turnaround their networking fortunes literally overnight by applying a simple and learnable approach.

David's Story
David is an amazingly talented guy and saves his clients an absolute fortune. In a couple of cases he prevented clients going out of business. David hates the idea of being perceived as a pushy sales person and likes to network for business introductions. Despite all of his previous success, David was struggling to communicate what he does in a simple and effective way so that the people he meet not only say 'Wow, that's cool' but also 'I know someone you should meet'.

David spent a day at the Lead Generation Master Class and is now confidently generating leads and introductions from his networking activities.

David is not a special case but typical of the people attending the Lead Generation Master Class. Someone who knows they have great talent and that they should be winning much more business from their networking efforts.

Here is what a few people have said about the Lead Generation Master Class:

"Thanks for the most focused and practical training I've ever experienced.
It's perfectly apparent why my referral rate was low! I now have a single, clear proposition, readily understood by everyone, and which immediately generated follow-up meetings with several fellow participants in the class".

Dennis Shepherd
IT Consultant

"Thank you for an inspiring workshop last Friday. I can now confidently and precisely present my business proposition to anyone I meet in just a few words. "
Elaine Palmer
Interior Designer

"That was the best business development training course I have ever attended, by a considerable margin. My only complaint is that you didn't run it a few years ago when I was starting out in business!"
Iain Gray
Data Security Specialist

"I quite like selling, so my reason for going was to pick up some new techniques (which I did in abundance). But some of the people I met really hate selling and they probably ended up with more leads than the rest of us! Thoroughly recommended."
Simon Phillips
Author, Consultant, Speaker

"I learnt so much from the Lead Generation Master Class. For the first time in six months I have an elevator pitch I feel that is authentic and is applicable to all marketing channels I'll be using. It was a delightful workshop and I left with about 5 marketing ideas and 3 leads"
Linda Zack
Sleep Counsellor

"Defining a proposition that your target audience can instantly relate to is a very powerful thing, and this is what Richard can help you do in one day..... I can wholeheartedly recommend the course"
John Cave

"I would definitely recommend Richard's Lead Generation Master Class. Having spent months trying to create a 'benefits' proposition that did not sound totally corny or include the word 'coach', I'm delighted to have now created a short, snappy and powerful message that I'm comfortable with. Definitely worth the investment in time and money. Thank you!"
Jennie Littlejohn
Life Coach

"I had a great day and definitely feel more confident in explaining what we do and how we help people. I've also sent the course details out to about 30 people now too!"
Kelly Molson
Web design and marketing communications

"The Lead Generation Master Class is an intensive and interactive workshop where you will learn useful networking tips and to polish your pitch! Personally I came away with 2 business contacts and 3 mortgage leads and a bottle of bubbly! - not bad for 1 days work."
Cheryl Fisher
Mortgage Advisor

This is an intensive Master Class that will not just teach you some new skills but you will finish the day feeling comfortable using the skills and have already seen the difference the approach makes.

In just 1 day you will:
1. Identify how to best use networking as a marketing channel for your business.
2. Develop your UNP (Unique networking Proposition)
3. Be able to articulate and communicate your business to people you meet
4. Be remembered by people you meet
5. Learn how to leverage your existing network
6. Learn how to increase the likelihood of getting leads and referrals

On top of this, because of the style of learning, most people walk away with valuable new contacts, real leads and referrals!!

It is a very practical workshop where you will put the things you learn into practice straight away so that you leave confident in your ability to generate leads through networking.

Whether you hate selling or are confident and accomplished in selling this workshop will help you to make your networking more productive.

Who should attend:
* Anyone selling expertise and know how - Coaches, consultants, web designers
* Anyone that hates cold calling
* Anyone that sells for a living
* Anyone who wants higher paid work

About Richard White

Richard White is a leading writer, speaker, and trainer on Soft Selling. Soft Selling is a powerful approach to business development based on relationships and trust and ideal for those selling expertise and know-how. Richard has many years experience in consultancy sales, selling at board level to major companies. Richard holds an MBA from Cranfield School of management, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

Swindon - Friday 16th March, 2007, 9am - 5:30pm, 8:30am for coffee and registration.

London - Friday 20th April, 2007, 9am - 5:30pm, 8:30am for coffee and registration.

The investment for learning how to confidently generate more leads and referrals through networking is only £147+VAT including lunch and refreshments.

Contact rwhite@pro-excellence.com for details of early bird discounts.

Swindon Lead Generation Master ClassClick on this button to book for the Swindon event on Friday 16th March

London Lead Generation Master ClassClick on this button to book for the London event on Friday 20th April

Lunch and refreshments are included

No-Brainer Guarantee

Richard is so confident that you will benefit from the Lead Generation Master Class that he is prepared to put his money where his mouth is!! Here is his no-brainer guarantee:
"If by the end of the day you are not completely satisfied with the Lead Generation Master Class then I will happily refund your investment with no questions asked. Not only that, I will give you a free Sales audio book on CD worth £35+VAT with my compliments."

If you need more information or want to find out when the Lead Generation Master Class will be coming to your area then please email Richard at rwhite@pro-excellence.com, or call us on 01189 735982, or email